Employ a Virtual Assistant for only £2.99 per hour

Recruit a Web Developer for only £2.99 p/hr

Hire a Virtual Assistant for only £2.99 p/hr

Employ an Admin Assistant for only £2.99 p/hr

Hiring and maintaining an efficient team involves not only costs with salaries but also costs with:

Office rent

Utilities: gas, light, electricity

Communications: telephone, Internet

Catering: water, coffee, etc.

Furniture (desk, chair, shelves, etc.)

Consumables (paper, stationery, etc.)

Computer s(in addition with licenses for various programs including Windows, Office, accounting and payroll software, etc.) and IT support

Cleaning services

The assistance available through administrative outsourcing has provided many small business owners the appearance and peace of mind that comes with a fully staffed office at a fraction of the cost.
By choosing to outsource these services with us, these costs can be reduced or even totally eliminated.

Outsourcing will save you money

Outsourcing will save you money, time, and energy. Virtual assistants and other out-of-office professionals own their own equipment with the latest software, they pay their own taxes and benefits, they are experts in their field, they don't require morale building or training, and they aren't going to bring their personal problems into your work space. Virtual assistants and outsourced professionals offer even more advantages: they are loyal to their client companies and will support your goals - they will help you generate ideas and allow you more time to make your business more profitable.

So why not hire a virtual assistant from us?