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Example: Administrative Jobs – A Case Study

A London based busy Solicitors firm hires 2 Administrators to do the daily admin duties. Both work on a combination of tasks which require them to be in the office half the time and tasks that can even be completed from home remotely.

The following are example of tasks that can be executed without the need to be in the actual solicitors office:


copy typing documents

corresponding to client email queries

researching on the internet

requesting information from other companies


Two Administrators are being paid £18,000 salary per annum, working 40 hours a week.
Whilst it is important to have at least one in-house Administrator to do the filing, faxing, initial client liaisons etc, and half the tasks can be done by an Administrator not physically based in the office.

The solicitors firm chooses to outsource one of the Administrators Job with Staff India, hiring 2 Administrators who work remotely and execute tasks (a)-(d) and more.

Initial Cost for having 2 Administrators:

per annum

Administrator 1


Administrator 2


Total Cost:




Cost after Outsourcing 1 Administrator:

per annum

Administrator 1 (UK)


Administrator 2 (Staff India)


Administrator 3 (Staff India)






Saving (30%) :


Solicitors firm saves 30% on hiring Administrators as well as getting a third Administrator for only £299 per month salary. Bare in mind, this 30% saving in on salaries alone, further savings are made on the reduction of office space usage and other overheads which increase as the number of staff increases.

All Administrators are equally able, work is synchronously completed with constant communication between all 3 Administrators via free VOIP calling, free video calls and Email.

Management is pleased with the Outsourcing, as the communication is always documented, both voice calls are recorded and management is BCC'd in all communication.

The average UK salary alone was £2080 per month in 2009. Staff India provides employers with educated professionals for a typical cost from £2.99 per hour. That is a staggering 86%

With Staff India anyone can outsource; all companies irrespective of size, self employed workers, employed workers or anyone wanting some office assistance:

• Cost: The complete cost when you outsource and employ a full time employee with Staff India is £299 per month (dependent on the job role), thus making it very affordable.

• Time and Effort: Staff India outsources so you don't have to, we let you use our office infrastructure. Furthermore, Staff India does all the “leg work” so you don't have to. You simply tell us what type of employee you want and we do everything from there.

• Setting Up Abroad: You do everything from your PC. You don't:
i) leave your country
ii) hire/purchase a office
iii) purchase any technology or office equipment
iv) do any research

• Understanding a new Culture: You don't have to leave your country when outsourcing with Staff India. We manage your virtual employee, let your employee use our office infrastructure and ensure everything runs efficiently. Accordingly you never have the problem of understanding a new culture and understanding the ways in which tasks are executed in India.

• Recruitment of employees: we have hundreds of employees working for foreign countries around the world, you tell us what type of employees you want and we match the appropriate employee 'sitting on the bench'.

• Quantity of work: The time, money and effort required to set up offices abroad makes outsourcing small quantities of work not cost effective and unrealistic. Staff India lets you use our outsourcing infrastructure so you don't have to put in place your own, thereby making the outsourcing of even small quantities of work possible. With Staff India outsourcing even small quantities of work is now made possible and cost-effective because we pass onto you the cost benefits from our offices economies of scale.


Outsourcing gives up to 86% saving

Staff India provides employers with educated professionals for a typical cost from £299 per month. That is a staggering 86% saving for the same calibre employee!