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an outsourcing work Case Study
Every company has tonnes of Administration, Outsource.

A London based busy Solicitors firm hires 2 Administrative Assistants to do the daily admin duties. Both work on a combination of tasks which can essentially be completed from home remotely.

The following are example of tasks that can be executed without the need to be in the actual solicitors office:

a. copy typing documents
b. corresponding to client email queries
c. researching on the internet
d. requesting information from other companies

Both the Administrative Assistants are being paid £18,000 salary EACH per annum, working 40 hours a week.

Whilst it is important to have at least one in-house Administrative Assistant to do the filing, faxing, initial client liaisons etc, half the tasks can be done by an Administrative Assistant not physically based in the office.

The solicitors firm chooses to hire two virtual administrative assistants with Staff India, outsourcing 2 Administrative Assistants who work remotely and execute tasks (a)-(d) and more.

Businesses save 60% by hiring virtual administrative assistants

as well as getting a third Administrative Assistant for only £299 per month salary.

All Administrative Assistants are equally able, work is synchronously completed with constant communication between all 3 Administrative Assistants outsourced via free VOIP calling, free video calls and Email.

Management is pleased with the administration outsourcing, as the communication is always documented, both voice calls are recorded and management is BCC'd in all communication.



Inital Cost for having 2 Administrative Assistants:
per annum


cost reduction
Administrative Assistant 1
Administrative Assistant 2
Total Cost:
Cost after Outsourcing 1 Administrative Assistant:
per annum
Administrative Assistant 1 (UK)
Virtual Administrative Assistant 2 (Staff India)
Virtual Administrative Assistant 3 (Staff India)
Saving 60% on 1 local Administrative Assistants salary:

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