Outsourcing Human Resources to India



More and more businesses are turning to Human Resources Outsourcing to India as a way of removing the burden of administration and shifting their focus back to people strategies. They are equally looking to save costs, but increasingly, organisations are looking towards Human Resources outsourcing to provide excellent service to their employees.


Rather than viewing Human Resources Outsourcing as a pure cost-cutting initiative, we look at each organisation from a holistic point of view. We look at where an organisation can be more efficient, at which processes can work better, and at how we can help make your employees more engaged and more productive.

  • Your organisation will benefit from our expertise and experience, bringing best practice processes within a flexible range of services under one contract.
    Underpinning everything we do is our state-of-the-art hosted technology. We host, we maintain, and we upgrade everything for you, cutting out the cost of expensive IT maintenance.

  • Outsourcing is a term that is being used more frequently as increasing numbers of organisations are exploring this as a potential delivery option for some of their activities. It can be defined as the delegation of one or more business processes to an external provider, who then owns, manages and administers the selected processes based on defined and measurable performance metric.
  • Within the context of Human Resource outsourcing, the specific processes that are included within any outsourcing arrangement will vary from organisation to organisation. Some organisations may outsource virtually all of their HR processes where others select specific components such as payroll or resourcing.

  • Our recent survey human resources outsourcing to India and the HR function identified that 29% of respondents are outsourcing some of the HR function. The most commonly outsourced activities reported are legal activities (69%), payroll (66%) and pensions (64%). 

  • So far, very few organisations have outsourced their entire HR function. In large organisations it is most common to have outsourced the operational elements of delivering HR activities whilst retaining control over HR strategy and decision-making. There are a number of well-publicized examples of large, mainly global organisations that have outsourced large parts of their HR operational activities, often in contracts for between five and ten years, for example BT, Boots The Chemist, Procter & Gamble and Unilever. Interestingly, small organisations often do the reverse, effectively outsourcing their strategy (to HR consultants and other professional advisers) and keeping the delivery of HR processes internal.

  • HR outsource to India is not the only solution that organisations might consider if they want to change the way their HR function operates. There are other options to consider either as an alternative, or as partner, to outsourcing.

  • This refers to the creation of an internal ‘hub’ for the delivery of HR services. Two distinctive features of HR shared service centers are:

    • They offer a common service provision of routine administration an sometimes additional HR services
    • They are service focused, enabling the customers of the shared service to specify the level and nature of the service. They are therefore flexible to the needs of the business

    To date, there appear to be more organisations setting up internal shared service centers rather than using an outsourcing approach. For more information, see our fact sheet on HR shared service centers.

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