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Today, with existing technologies such as the Internet, Outsourcing virtual assistants can be anywhere in the world. There are large numbers of professional firms in other countries who service clients worldwide.


The obvious major difference is that the typical Virtual Assistant from abroad is typically cheaper than those in the United States or in UK. You can get a capable virtual assistant firm from outsource to India from $4 per hour to $8 per hour depending on the firm and the tasks. In the U.S., rates start around $10 per hour but go up to over $30 per hour.


There are a few advantages to consider when looking at outsourcing virtual assistants to India within your own Country. First of all, they are typically working in the same time zone or at least one only a few hours off. When outsourcing virtual assistants abroad, it is sometimes difficult to communicate in real time due to the time differences.

  • For instance, India is ten and a half hours off from the Eastern Time zone in the United States. In addition, there is an obvious cultural connection between yourself and an individual living in your own country while there may be vast cultural differences if selecting a virtual assistant in other parts of the world.
    The time difference is not always a disadvantage, and it can sometimes even be an advantage. You can outsource a project to your virtual assistant in India before you leave work and it will be completed and in your inbox when you get to work the next day. This can produce great efficiencies in that it effectively allows for a "second shift" for some tasks within your business.

    There are a variety of methods starting with typing the term into Google search. A method that is beginning to gain a lot of momentum is websites dedicated to this and other virtual services. You can list your project or tasks into a project description and have much virtual assistance bid to provide you services. Examples of such websites include Elance.com, iFreelance.com and oDesk.com. You can also try the International Virtual Assistant Association at IVAA.org.

  • Outsourcing will save you money, time, and energy. Virtual assistants and other out-of-office professionals own their own equipment with the latest software, they pay their own taxes and benefits, they are experts in their field, they don't require morale building or training, and they aren't going to bring their personal problems into your work space. Outsourcing Virtual assistants and outsourced professionals offer even more advantages: they are loyal to their client companies and will support your goals - they will help you generate ideas and allow you more time to make your business more profitable.

  • Because a virtual assistant is not an employee, you do not have to pay payroll taxes or provide any benefits. Your cost is limited to their hourly rate. In addition, you will not have to invest in any of that expensive computer equipment or software since the virtual assistant is required to provide all of that themselves. When starting with a new virtual assistant, I feel that it is best to give them less important projects in the beginning and slowly work up as you are comfortable with their abilities. You may want to even hire more than one based on their specialty.

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