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Outsourcing will save you money, time, and energy. Virtual assistants and other out-of-office professionals own their own equipment with the latest software, they pay their own taxes and benefits, they are experts in their field, they don't require morale building or training, and they aren't going to bring their personal problems into your work space. Outsourcing to India offer even more advantages: they are loyal to their client companies and will support your goals - they will help you generate ideas and allow you more time to make your business more profitable.


So, if you have employees that you are happy with, then of course that's perfect for your business. Don't fix what isn’t broke. However, if you find you are paying too much overhead or spending too much time managing, try a virtual assistant. If you need a new type of service, but don't have the in-house expertise, outsourcing is a great option. There's a world of online help available at your fingertips.


  • Virtual Assistants, also known as VA’s, have been around for more than 10 years and in this day and age, utilize the technology era. They are highly qualified, experienced business owners who basically do the same work as a typical Secretary, Personal Assistant and Office Administrator combined. Many VA’s are College or University educated in business and office administration with work experience in an office setting.

  • The type of services outsource virtual assistant to India offers varies. Services include general administration services, database and web site development, graphic design, sales support, presentation preparation, telephone answering, bill payments, travel arrangements, bookkeeping, desktop publishing, computer training, medical/legal transcription the list is endless!

The benefits of outsourcing to a qualified Virtual assistant to India are plentiful. VA’s only charge for actual time worked. Virtual assistant use their own equipment so there is no wear and tear on your office equipment or a need for special equipment. By outsourcing virtual assistant to India rather than hiring an in-office assistant, you will never need to pay employment insurance, vacation pay, sick pay, or contribute to retirement plans and worker’s compensation.

  • There is no cost for training new or existing employees; virtual assistants are already qualified. There is no need for extra office space; virtual assistants do everything from their home office. There's no need to worry about in-office employees requesting time off; virtual assistants are available when you need them. Like you, virtual assistants are entrepreneurs and understand the needs of businesses today, ensuring the success of their clients.

  • How else can outsourcing to a virtual assistant save you money? Often virtual assistants offer special discounts to new clients and to existing clients they offer free service hours in return for referrals. Many virtual assistant even offer monthly retainer plans that not only ensure their availability but also save you money. Virtual assistants are experienced individuals with the ability to catch mistakes made in-office, not only saving your business money but also protecting your business reputation.

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