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Outsourcing to India has become a strategy for forward thinking IS managers. It is no longer just a means for reducing costs, but a tool for adding value to business. It enables organizations to concentrate on their core business, carry out business re-engineering and provide information that is valid, timely and adequate to assist decision making at the top management level and quality and cost control at the middle and lower levels.


In the past few years outsourcing to India has become so popular, whenever organizations around the world have outsourced activities to India, the Indian software companies have substantially helped to cut costs in software development projects or MIS environments, while maintaining high quality. Moreover, all these cost and quality advantages are coupled with the use of state-of-the-art technologies.

Outsourcing companies to India have created value and there by helped organizations around the globe gain competitive edge. Software houses from India have effectively provided many of the Fortune 500 corporations with efficient software solutions. These solutions have helped these companies to be more responsive to their customers and more attractive to their shareholders.


  • No wonder, companies like Citibank, Morgan Stanley, AT&T, General Electric, Reebok, General Motors, Fujitsu, Boeing, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Swissair and British Airways continue to remain ahead of their rivals, thanks to the efforts of many software companies in India. This is a result of the government (In 1991) passing a series of favorable tax laws and building specialized commerce zones in order to stimulate industry activity. A wave of U.S. high-tech companies began rushing to India to set up sales and R&D operations. Companies such as Computer Associates, Microsoft, Cisco, Baan etc have turned to India for high value-add product development including conceptualization.

Today list of software’s has been outsourced to India reads like a Who’s Who of global software giants - IBM, Microsoft, Novell, Computer Associates, Oracle, AT&T, Fujitsu, Motorola, EDS, SAP, Computer vision, Digital, Hewlett Packard. During 1998-99, more than 203 of the Fortune 1000 companies outsourced their software requirements to India. This has produced an industry realizing a compounded annual growth of 53.84% over the last five years making India a growing source of worldwide software development

  • Indian outsourcing service providershave expertise in providing all the support you need. So, whether you require a resource/team that works on your time or a resource/team that works while you sleep, a partnership with an Indian outsourcing service provider will get you access to all the services you need.

    India is a one-stop shop and the right place to outsource your business requirements.

  • Time-Zone Advantage
    The geographical location of India has given suitable time-zone advantage. Due to the time difference between India and companies in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Indian outsourcing service providers provide 24 hour support all through the year to your advantage. So, if you think the time zone is a problem, India has the ability to take that challenge to your advantage.

  • Technology and Infrastructure
    Indian outsourcing service providers are equipped with the latest in technology and infrastructure, so with an Indian vendor, you can be assured of quality delivery to your projects. In India, you can get access to the best technology brains, high-speed internet facilities and infrastructure.

    Low Operating Costs
    You can save more than half of your current operating costs, by choosing India for your projects in Information Technology. You can utilize your resources on your core business, while being assured that you are getting quality delivery on your projects. This is one of the primary benefits of outsourcing to India.


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