Disadvantages of Call centers


As a way to deal with the ever-rising cost of doing business, some companies resort to outsourcing their call centers operations. While replacing an in-house call centers staff with an outside vendor can often save money, there are also a number of disadvantages associated with call centers outsourcing. Stress in the work environment, alone already a health risk, may also lead to other unhealthy traits like smoking, drinking, binge eating or drug abuse.

Sitting still in one spot for long times is also a health risk, but can be mitigated by taking sufficient breaks, drinking enough water and stretching if you feel stiff. This adds to the eye strain you might develop from staring at a screen for continuous hours. This may also lead to headaches.


1. ODD WORKING HOURS: Most of the call centers abroad support overseas operations and majority of professionals have night shifts. Although many have day shifts as they support domestic Indian customers, or off-business support hours of the overseas company which happens to be day-time for India. In majority of cases Indian call centers jobs mostly have odd hours.

2. FAMILY LIFE: This is somewhat associated with odd working hours. Evenings are the best time to spend quality time with your spouse and children and those are actually your working hours. Your life as a call centers employee can be very lonely and frustrating at times.

3. HEALTH ISSUES: Sleep disorders, heart disease, eyesight problems and depression are just a few issues surrounding the call centers jobs. People also tend to gain weight as most of the time they are sitting in their small cubicle. Health issues in Indian call centers industry are becoming a major issue. Even though you work only 5 days a week, for rest of the two days it is not easy to swap your sleep cycle the other way around.

4. ABUSIVE CLIENTS: Many of the customers you speak with can actually get very abusive or angry. They are often able to guess from you accent that you are located in India and many customers are anyway unhappy about their work being outsourced to India. Since your call is often recorded you cannot reply them back angrily, in most cases you will transfer the call to your manager or to a call centers located in their own country or in worst case hang up. American accent and Indian English accent are quite different and takes time to overcome the difference.

5. AGE FACTOR: Since call centers jobs are quite stressful, especially after a few months working in this industry many individuals quit and change their profession, often to a lower paying job. If you able to make your way up to the managerial level or the higher corporate ladder, life are much better, otherwise the daily monotonous work starts to really frustrate you.

  • 6. FUTURE TREND OF CALL CENTERS JOBS: Call centers jobs are the easiest to be transferred from one place to another. Today India offers a great cost saving compared to other locations, but with salaries rising about 10% every year in near future they will become comparable to other low cost locations like Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Mexico and Eastern Europe. In that case either the salary increments will slow down substantially or companies will start moving jobs from India to these locations.


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