Call centers services

Outsource to India offers a range of call centers services that meet end-to-end customer service needs of global organisations. Our comprehensive offshore contact center services cover the entire spectrum of customer support and telemarketing needs of enterprises and include Inbound and Outbound Call centers Solutions, skilled Technical Helpdesk Services, Disaster Recovery, Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing, Live Chat Support and E-mail Support Services.


Inbound Call centers
Outsource to India offers strategic inbound call centers solutions that allow enterprises to focus on business growth and strategy while we take care of day-to-day customer support. Our skilled and result-oriented inbound customer service call centers offers comprehensive inbound call centers services such as Toll Free Customer Service, 24-Hr Helpdesk, Emergency Response and Direct Response Services, Appointment Scheduling, Telephone Answering and Web Receptionist Services.


Telemarketing Services
Outsource to India outbound call centers solutions include Telemarketing, Lead Generation, Debt Collection Services, Product Promotions and Customer Satisfaction Research Surveys to name a few. By outsourcing to our state-of-the-art contact center, you can drive up your marketing efforts with focused up-sell and cross-sell campaigns to your existing customer base.


Technical Helpdesk Services
Outsource to India Call centers Solutions include superior Technical Helpdesk Services. Our Technical Helpdesk team consists of trained engineers, equally proficient in technical and customer support skills. They resolve a wide range of technical queries from both customers as well as internal users within your organisation who may face problems with in-house technical systems or equipment.


E-mail Support Services
Outsource to India Customer Service Contact Center Services include an efficient Email Support System that helps organisations to competently and promptly deal with customer queries via the internet. E-mail based Customer Support Services are superior to conventional telephone-based methods, because of its capability to offer clear, detailed and written responses to customer queries.


Chat support Services
Outsource to India we are constantly innovating our Call centers Solutions Suite to make them real-time and result-oriented so that they meet end-to-end customer support contact center needs of organisations. Outsource to India's web-based Chat Support Services help your customers to go into a greater level of detail on product and service queries and for product and service support that is thorough and accurate.


Outsourcing has many advantages including increasing available personnel to answer customer questions and respond to customer service issues, lowering overhead, eliminating gaps in customer service, and increasing customer to business response times fostering strength in your brand. If you are performing direct marketing campaigns or just responding to marketing efforts, you know inbound call volume can fluctuate. Fluctuations that your office cannot handle mean lost opportunities. Using MPC as a call outsourcing service mean you will never miss a call or an opportunity again. Our call centers provides architecture of agents plus offsite overflow operators to give your callers the customer service they expect.


  • A call centers is only as good as its employees, and MPC employees are trained customer service specialists to manage your account and your inbound and outbound telephone calls. Our agents answer the telephone in your company name and follow your service protocol to mimic the professionalism your own office would display to your customers. And, our service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, whenever you need us. We can answer your calls as often as you need, from full 24 hour service to acting as an overflow call centers when you need. As your outsourcing solution, our agents will learn about your organisation and provide complete services when you need them most.


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