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Call centers outsourcing has actually ushered a drastic shift in the way business owners consider offshore outsourcing and traditional customer service.  As companies start to understand how call centers outsourcing functions can help save precious operating resources, the newest trends in the industry is shifting from just customer service to lead generation. Many companies consider offshore outsourcing to be the best way to get contact center tasks done professionally while saving loads of money in the process.

Technique in call centers outsourcing in 2010 will include wireless technologies and even survey based functionalities. Offshore outsourcing is really proving to be an important spoke in the branding wheel. The offshore outsourcing technique is quite simple really just give clients/customers a reason to interact by simply offering convenience and value with each contact. While this may actually sound "easier said than done", many offshore outsourcing technologists that combine social media and networking into their processes have really made astonishing headway.

Business owners need to understand that the roles that call centers outsourcing may play in Business 2.0 will require the assessment of the challenges it faces. Business owners who are seriously considering offshore outsourcing services will need to understand that they will not be compromising on the quality of service if they choose to allow a third party vendor handle their contact center operations.

Techniques that you should in a call centers:

1. Be Confident
Confidence is vital when making an outbound call. For anyone to buy from you or take the action you want, they have to see you as someone who knows what they’re doing! Far too many people make outbound calls with fear or hesitation in their voice resulting in a poor impression of themselves, their company and their product/service.


2. Be Natural
If you’re working on a new product/service or a new area, you’ve got to take the time to learn what you’re saying. Most people don’t bother to do this well enough, but if you do, you’ll find that it starts to sound more natural as once you’ve mastered the words you naturally start to put your own voice inflections and tonality onto the script, so it sounds more like you therefore more natural!

  • 3. Listen More
    This is something that should come naturally to everybody, yet most people fail to do it anywhere near well enough! I’m always saying that there is a difference between ‘hearing’ and ‘listening’.
    For those companies that are hesitant about taking advantage of call centers outsourcing outside the country; well, the hybrid approach is also a great alternative. According to the Information Technology (IT) News India, a couple of businesses are employing web-based technologies to combine forces with offshore outsourcing call centers. The in-house call centers handle first-level calls, while the calls of marketing nature are fielded by the third party call centers outsourcing operators. In 2010, business owners can triage call types in order to get qualified professionals on the line within the shortest possible time. The result is an improved resolution of problems and an optimized lead generation for marketing campaigns.


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