What methods are used at Call centers?

1. Encourage personalized selling According to CRM experts Don Peppers and Martha Rogers; personalized selling is one of the most important aspects of almost any business career. When dealing directly with customers, Peppers and Rogers recommend doing simple things like remembering people's names and understanding their points of view and feelings. This will go a long way towards building customer trust and making a sale.


2. Have call centers sales incentives in place. You may already have incentives in place for your sales teams, but it's just as important to have sales incentives for call centers agents who are selling your products or services. However, the incentives that will motivate your sales staff differ from what will motivate your call centers agents. Customer service representatives are more likely to be motivated by the feeling of having helped someone, and aren't usually as competitive as sales reps. Sales expert Liz Roche recommends focusing on non-variable compensation with some achievement-based compensation mixed in.

3. Provide call centers sales training. Call centers agents who weren't originally hired to sell often feel nervous about selling, so it's important to provide sales training in the call centers. According to call centers expert Donna Fluss, agents are more likely to be motivated to sell if they have been trained on the best ways to sell products. Fluss says a sales training course for call centers agents should explain:

    • How to recognize a sales opportunity

    • How to move from a customer service interaction to a sales interaction

    • How to overcome customer objections

4. Incorporate peer training and coaching. Call centers agents often learn best by following the lead of an outstanding performer. Have new agents sit in on calls with a successful call centers agent so they can learn methods to keep customers interested and achieve successful close rates. Sharing the best practices of successful call centers agents can also be helpful for new agents just getting started or agents who are having trouble making sales.

  • 5. Use the right call centers sales metrics. If your call centers agents are selling, it's important to evaluate the metrics your call centers is measuring and make sure they encourage agents to meet business goals. For example, in a sales-driven call centers, a customer service representative may take fewer calls, but those calls may have higher sales value. In this situation, expert Lori Bocklund recommends using performance-based metrics instead of volume-based metrics to measure your call centers success.


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