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Disadvantages of Call centre jobs


While the manageability of a workforce and the services a business or company provides are but some of the few advantages the call centre can bring; there are however pitfall that need to be considered when deciding to undertake the challenging task of a call centre. The call centre should be looked closely like any business venture where the profitability of jobs and benefit to the company are weighed against downsides of running this enterprise. The below are some of the disadvantages commonly found in call centre jobs.

Call Centre Fraud

By far the most common disincentive most business capitalist state when dissuading fellow counterparts and budding entrepreneurs from looking into call centre jobs is the 100% possibility of fraud. As with any job the employee has to make an educated decision on the sort of people they are hiring to carry out their jobs. However unlike most jobs the call centre cannot be regulated on strict and rigid basis found in jobs held by store assistants.

On average the call centre dealers in the UK lose up to £55 million a year on call centre fraud carried out but by unreliable staff. It a nasty problem that has seen not only the employer but the customer loose £100 billion in the national economy. Fortunately for the call centre dealer and their client, measures have been introduced both by the law and advancements in technology to make sure that call centre operator carry out the jobs stipulated on their contracts.

Health & Safety Conditions of Call centre jobs

This is problem that specially targets the problems faced by call centre staff. The call centre job has been identified as one the most dangerous jobs for the 21st century worker to undertake. While on first glance this is a laughable matter to the unsuspecting onlooker, however when considering the working hours and the almost claustrophobic constrictive environment the call staff have to carry out their jobs in this puts into perspective the ‘easy-money’ conjecture of call centre jobs.

  • Developments in the Call Centre Industry

    This particular disadvantage is not so much a disadvantage than a presumed threat to the future of call centre jobs. Like with all industries and all successful ventures the call centre has to keep up with the times to maintain a foothold in the economic market and like most technological advancement this comes to the detriment of call centre jobs. The recent advancement in the call centre industry has seen jobs downsized or replaced all together to save cost to the client and customer. This is ironic in that the very purpose for which the call centre became a commercial commodity, (following on from its necessity during the wars) is now the very reason which will see jobs in the industry diminish and perhaps eventually fade from existence.


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