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A History of Call Centres

As businesses expand and technology improves, companies have had to find new ways of handling with customer care and providing their services. With the expanse and growth of how businesses provide their services call centre jobs has become the means of choice to provide these essential services to customers and the ideal way to company representatives to carry out their jobs.

A call centre operates as a centralized point of contact for a client and consultant to receive and transmit complaints and inquires that pertains to the jobs or services that have been provided by their core business. The traditional call centre is often operated in an extensive open workspace cubed or sectioned stations for employees to carry out their jobs.

A typical call centre can house between 50-300 employee stations depending on the size and kind of service of the company. The jobs performed at these stations also vary from taking calls of complaints to documenting client data and details. One station can have the responsibility of carrying 55 of these time consuming and detailed jobs on a daily basis.

The rise of the call centre can be traced back to before the First World War, were the advent of the telephone meant “operators” needed to be in place for a call to go through to the receiver. It was only during both World Wars did our modern understanding of call centres and the function of the jobs that go with them, only come into place.  Morse code, espionage, and radio transmission between aircraft pilots and communications centres meant that there were no shortage of jobs for land volunteers and soldiers to so their bit in the war.

  • The call centre itself has come under social, cultural and economical change in the last half century only. Jobs in call centres have moved from the technological advanced West to the ever developing East. Call centres have seen a decline the types of applicants applying for such positions, were Western applicants have tended to come from socially economical underprivileged backgrounds, whereas applicants for call centre jobs and other related positions in the East particularly in India, have come from educated and privileged environments. From being the unappreciated backroom necessity of the West call centers and jobs from there have become the preserve of the rich.

  • With the advancement and shifts in paradigms associated with call center jobs criticisms and negative have been leveled at companies that advocate them to the actual call centers themselves. From the shift to Western to Eastern economies and the cultural barriers that pose to the loss of jobs in home nations, the call centre seems to have a long way to go before it becomes as established and excepted as other jobs and professions in society.

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