What are Data entry jobs?


With the rise in and proficient use of outsourcing in Western markets, some smaller companies find themselves in the inaugural position to consider it as viable option to the expansion of their business. But what most companies find is that some of the services on offer, including the very basics of what agencies, offer can baffle and confuse prospective, corporations. This is especially the case in the field of data entry jobs. The purpose of this article is to befuddle the jargon and outline all the categories that the job of a data entry clerk comes under.

A data entry job typically refers to the capture of data on computers. However this encompasses a number of things that the individual data entry clerk may specialize in. At its most basic level it is the act of transcribing some form of data into another form, with the advent of the information age this transference of data usually involves a computer programme. There are several forms of data that people may have the job of transcribing. The entry of these data can come under the forms of handwritten documents, spreadsheet information, a sequence of numbers or simple data like names and addresses. Most data entry jobs exclusively cover roles that require the individual to solely focus on the above examples; but some specialised jobs such as computer programming, occasionally entry such data in their daily task.

For those whose jobs’ role are exclusively in the field of data entry, research finds that they are most likely to be quick typists, able to read off longhand and or typewritten documents and ensure accuracy in their work. For programmers and jobs of a similar nature, data entry is a by product of their assigned task.

The detail and concentration required in data entry jobs is demanding and requires a lot of focus that is why experts recommend that data entry jobs which require long hours in front of the computer should be coupled with a break every hour. The challenges and exhaustion that come with such jobs like data entry can often put individuals off and make most employers contemplate considering and even go on to outsourcing the task locally of offshore. However with the number of transcriptions that require streams of data inputted into computers and the wider availability of a personal computer and laptops, data entry jobs need not be performed in the confines of the office. There has been a decline in data entry jobs that are carried out in the office and an increase in the number that are either outsourced or carried out by private freelance professionals in the comfort of their own homes. This makes the challenges and the stress that come with job of data entry more bearable as the individual works at their own pace with the added benefit of rejuvenating in their own environment.


  • If one plans on looking in data entry jobs as key career path or only a part time job, it would be useful to diversify your skill set by taking on the task of learning a new programme or skill base for the future.


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