Benefits of India Outsourcing (Jobs)


Outsourcing in India has increased by leaps and bounds in the recent years. More and more big as well as small corporations are outsourcing their low end as well as high end services to India owing to the relative benefits involved in terms of cheap labor, better infrastructure and stable government.

India's natural resource lies in its abundant technically skilled manpower. India is the world's second largest exporter of software (after the U.S). Thanks to its large English-speaking scientific and higher education institutions, specialist computer institutes, and low costs of software talent, India has more software companies with ISO 9000 certification than any other country in the world and thus is the favourite outsourcing hotspot for many companies.



There is more than enough evidence of the superlative role that Indians play in the progress of the Net. The impact of India's success abroad is also being felt. The stars of the Indian Internet industry are the Web solutions and Webware companies, many of whom have made the transition from offshore turnkey and services companies to full-fledged e-commerce service providers and Web strategy consultants. IT heavyweights like Microsoft, Intel, Cisco and Compaq always feature India prominently in their itineraries for outsourcing. By 2012, India is expected to be the largest English-speaking country in the world and therefore ‘the in place’ to outsource work.



Other benefits include but are not limited to:

Employee culture:

Due to the economic environment and culture in around the Indian sub-continent, you will find your employee(s) to be exceptionally hard-working and highly motivated.

Low Cost Educated Professionals:

India provides educated and talented professional employees at a typical cost of £299 per month. Hiring professionals has never been so low costing.

Employees work any Shift - Time Zone Advantages:

You can request your outsourced employee to work any time shift, whether it be during normal office hours in your country or normal office hours in India. Indians are very adaptable when it comes to working.
India also provides your employee with all the required office space and hardware. Additionally, Staff India manages your employee and maintains the office from which your employee works, e.g. 24/7 technical support..


Beat Your Competition:

Outsourcing in India enables companies to significantly reduce costs, increase productivity and hire scarce technical employees. All these factors combined will enable you to improve your business and in turn beat your competition.

Quality standards:

Quality standards meet the approval of the world. India exports software to more than 95 countries. The share of North America (U.S. and Canada) in India's software exports is about 61 per cent. In 1999-2000, more than a third of fortune 500 companies outsourced their software requirements to India.

Reliable Infrastructure:

India is now wired for business. Excellent telephone, broadband, wi-fi and cellular networks are available in just about all cities & towns in the country. India prides in the reliable satellite and submarine communication links that facilitate good broadband connectivity to the rest of the world. Companies engaged in IT outsourcing to India can contact their vendors oversea without any connection hurdles.

Government Support:

Indian government has made offshore software outsourcing as a long-term strategy to the country's economics . Other than providing a large talent pool through its education system, tax breaks and other incentives have been introduced to attract capital and talents with a view to promote outsourcing development.


Untapped Resource Pool:

India now has tens of thousands of universities and academies. More and more universities are now cultivating talents in offshore software outsourcing development.


According to the National Association of Software & Service Companies, the Indian software industry lobby, almost half the Fortune 500 companies now use Indian Software services. With over 4 million highly trained English speaking technical personnel (second only to the USA), heavy government support and leading world class software companies, India is set to become the software giant of the new Millennium.


Furthermore, a World Bank funded study in the United States confirmed that vendors rated India as their number one choice for outsourcing. Other industry sectors have benefited greatly from their decision to outsource to India: The U.S. and India have an average 12-hour time zone difference, but this kind of use of datacom can provide a virtual 24-hour office to a client in the U.S. Lately, this concept has worked wonders for large projects and also for projects involving remote software maintenance using video conferencing. Offshore projects mean immense time and cost savings.

Financial institutions also benefit from the unique partnership between the Indian government and NASSCOM, the National Association of Software and Services Companies, which maintains a concerted development effort aimed at attracting ITO and BPO business. As a result, the country has encouraged a favorable business climate for US firms seeking India offshore outsourcing services, and early concerns about the business risk of offshore outsourcing in India have been largely laid to rest


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In contrast to circumstances in the US, the jobs that banks typically outsource today are high status career positions in India. Offshore outsourcing is a path for career-minded individuals, a majority of whom have master’s degrees, to gain experience in the global economy. In addition, because they hold positions that embody the full mission of their companies, they are proud of their positions. Their pay is high by local standards and they receive a variety of benefits that American workers would find enviable.


These are the factors that make India stand out of the rest as one of the best destinations to outsource services. Outsourcing in India can be done in cities like Sylhet, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and Kolkatta. Outsourcing services holds huge potential as the government is actively involved in improving the infrastructure. The government has also implemented some investor friendly laws and made sure that processes take place faster.


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