Outsource Internet Marketing

Outsource Internet Marketing - Outsource early and realise higher profit margins

A London based team of Internet Marketing Specialist have recently formed a company specialising in internet marketing for SME's anywhere in the world.

The team of 3 enterpreneurs have seen good success and now have too much to handle amongst them. They are looking to add another two internet marketing people to their team to support additional business.

The internet marketing situation:

However, as this is a new recent business start-up they are confined by their budget, therefore hiring the right people in the UK would cost them too much. As internet marketing specialist themselves they started looking at other ways to hire staff, i.e. outsource internet marketing.

Staff India Consultants learn the team of 3 work remotely from home around their day jobs as all their work is on the internet. Once a week they meet to discuss work and plan the work week ahead.

Our Consultants discover from the team that they implement the following types of internet marketing work - on the right:



SEO Pay Per Click
Blogging Email Marketing
Banner Advertising Article Marketing
Reviews Forum Marketing
SMM Printed Advertising



The team of specialist wish to work towards growing the venture to a full operational business, and cater for more clients. For this they require manpower as internet marketing is time consuming and lot of input.

Staff India's Outsourced Internet Marketing Solution

Meetings with our Staff India Consultants revealed the 3 internet marketing specialist should work towards managing the company and transfer their skills and knowledge to new staff who can do the leg work. Subsequently, they can outsource internet marketing and hre 4 new staff from Staff India instead of the initial two they expected to hire in the UK.


Their savings are as follows:

Inital Cost for having 2 Staff in UK: per annum
Internet Marketing 1 £20,000
Internet Marketing 2 £20,000
Total Cost:
Cost after Outsourcing 4 Staff: per annum
Internet Marketing 1 £5,988
Internet Marketing 2 £5,988
Internet Marketing 3 £5,988
Internet Marketing 4 £5,988
Saving (40%) :


The Internet Marketing Specialist company realised 40% savings on costs, but more importantly they now have 4 addditional staff working with them by outsourcing interent marketing.

This company has started outsourcing internet marketing very early, they will not be looking to expand in the UK but rather outsource internet marketing to more teams with Staff India. Staff India is confident they will succeed!




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