Benefits of Outsourcing Technical Support to India


Foreign companies that began to outsource their technical support to India began realizing the advantages of their work being sent here. The first major advantage India had over many other countries was a large and well-educated workforce. Although India has a low literacy rate compared to other countries in the world, given the size of its population, it also has a huge number of college graduates and not enough good jobs. Most importantly, they were all willing to work for a fraction of the cost that foreign companies would have to pay back at home. In a technical support center operation in the west, human resources costs are more than half the operational costs. In India, however, human resource costs are a fraction of the operational costs


Secondly, foreign countries found India's time zone incredibly useful to help them maintain 24-hour operations without shelling out too much extra. Their offices in the West would finish up for the day just as India was waking up. Work, therefore, could be sent to India and while the West slept, it would be processed and analyzed and sent back to the West to be continued in the morning. The efficiency gains from this operational model were huge. Most importantly, the Indian government has been highly supportive of the outsourced technical support industry, adding yet another reason to an already full basket.

Technical Support Services Outsourcing: Pricing Models


The rates charged for offshore technical support can be based on different criteria:

  1. Per Closed Incident
  2. Per Interaction or Contact
  3. Per Talk Time
  4. Per Resource Deployment

Other pricing strategies include:

  1. Fixed cost/variable cost,
  2. Per minute,
  3. Per hour,
  4. Fixed percentage of employee usage,
  5. Incremental flat rates - incremental flat rates refer to pricing for a predetermined quantity and/or level of services at set prices.


Outsourcing technical support services to India


India offers a sustainable value proposition - a young and productive workforce, demonstrated superiority in handling business process outsourcing initiatives, sustained cost advantage. As one of the most popular outsourcing locations, India has a vast pool of highly educated, qualified, and skilled professionals who have the requisite domain knowledge. The country is renowned for its progress in the field of information technology. These features along with several others make India an attractive destination for outsourcing technical support services.


Offshore technical support services from India

Indian Service Providers offer a range of technical services that enable you to deliver high quality technical support to your customers and employees at optimal costs. These solutions integrate 24x7, personalized technical support services with advanced technologies for knowledge management and automated support.

Increase customer satisfaction and improve operational efficiencies by setting up IT Helpdesks and outsourcing technical support services to India. Indian Service Providers' expertise spans across products in the Desktop, Internet, Server and Networking Domains.

A number of factors have converged to help fuel this burst of interest in outsourcing technical support  to Indian outsourced tech support spans direct-to-consumer and business-to-business markets and is used today by companies in diverse technology and communications sectors: consumer electronics, computers, mobile handsets, broadband, Internet, cable, telephony, video on demand, personal and business hardware and software, and network troubleshooting. By moving tech support to India, they're concentrating on what they do best-creating and marketing innovation.


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Types of businesses/organizations that can outsource Technical Support to India
Outsourcing to India is popular for small and medium sized companies that want a variable cost model for their business, rather than the fixed costs that hiring an in house IT department brings.

Small businesses find it difficult to justify the cost of hiring one or two technical people to support their ICT needs. They also do not have the workload for a full time person, which leads to boredom, unnecessary technical evaluations (techy playtime) and often staff retention issues. By outsourcing Technical Support tom India, they overcome these woes.

Medium sized businesses can outsource their whole IT department to India. This means they move from a fixed cost model to variable costs, which is particularly beneficial in the current economic climate. Technical employees also benefit because suddenly they are working in a technical company who place a high level of importance in their technical development and exciting new projects.

For Large businesses outsourcing means that can pass the essential but mundane operations over to the outsourcing partner in India, such as network management and server operations. They can use the outsourcer for specialised skills that they do not have in-house and need such skills occasionally.

Outsource Technical Support to Staff India

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