Successful Offshore Outsourcing



The key to successfully outsourcing of your projects lies in your choice of an experienced outsourcing service provider who can satisfy the critical business and technical criteria that match your expectations.

IDS Logic is such a company with a global clientele that is spread across a number of countries including the USA, Europe, UK, Canada and of course India.

Based in technology township Noida, New Delhi, the IDS Logic team consist of seasoned IT professionals who have enormous expertise in a number of related fields including creative design, web design and development, search engine marketing , web security, business analysis and project management. We are able to produce predictable quality and measurable results through our defined processes.

Our unique approach to define the outsourcing relationship is something that eventually results into a successful long term strategic outsourcing partnership. Our approach is based on the following key strategies.

Well-defined criteria and Quantifiable objectives:

In any relationship, the key component for success of the relationship is best laid during negotiations, which eventually leads up to the signing of the Service Level Agreement.
We establish your objectives as a quantifiable criteria right at the start of the contract in order that you can compare our performance with those pre-established objectives.

Defining operational and communication plan:

For a smooth & effective handling of outsourcing relationships we develop a team of people in both companies for drawing out the best strategies on any plans or business issues
We define comprehensive action plan and communication processes for smoother operational management which will give you best possible outsourcing experience.

Key management personnel:

Research on outsourcing success has indicated that peer friendships and working methods with one's counterpart in the other company is an important factor in long term relationships between the key management personnel of both teams and that such relationship often tends to last a long time.
Also, maintaining one point of contact will avoid confusions as companies can keep one account manager per project or per client.

Monitoring & Measurement tools:


Monitoring and Measurement is the key to a successful outsourcing initiative. We define strategies, put implementation plans and deploy measurement and monitoring tools to analyse the success of outsourcing relationship.

We help you identify area of potential improvement, take certain proactive measures and derive an action plan for the future.
"I have realised significant savings of over 40% investment in my product by getting it developed with IDS Logic in India. The difference in the time zone became an added advantage for me as I got full time to review the work and reports produced."
Stephen Frieze , President Villa World LLC

Even IT executives who have successfully outsourced parts of their companies' services abroad can tell you the road to profitable relations with offshore partners can be painfully bumpy. Just ask Group 1 Software Inc. Vice President of Postal Affairs Tim King, who was forced to pull the plug on two of the four offshore application development pilot projects he initiated in the past 12 months.

"Either, in the design phase, they just didn't get it, or the code they delivered was just not up to our standards," King says.

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Fortunately for Group 1, a Lanham, Maryland, data quality and direct marketing software maker, King quickly reassessed Group 1's offshore outsourcing strategy and -- complying with the company's rigorous project approval and management process for offshore contracts -- limited the financial exposure of the aborted relations to under approximately $100,000 each.

Despite these setbacks, King has achieved success with offshore ventures; but he is by no means alone in experiencing failed outsourcing projects. In fact, his case is typical for IT executives pursuing outsourcing relationships, experts say.

"Over half the people we talked to for our own research said that offshore projects failed to achieve full potential for cost savings," says David Foote, president of IT advisory and research company Foote Partners LLC, an IT advisory and research firm in New Canaan, Connecticut.


As with marriage, making an outsourcing project successful requires considerably more effort than simply saying, "I do."
Foote and other IT executives believe offshore project success requires self-examination on the part of the client company to clarify goals and expectations, rigorous project-management discipline, and an understanding of how best to manage communications with everyone involved.

The first step in making an outsourcing relationship work is to analyze your company's outsourcing expectations, says Tony Greenberg, CEO of Ramp Rate^Rate LLC, an IT outsourcing advisor.

"We have a whole series of questions," Greenberg says. "What do you hope to gain from outsourcing -- cost reduction, business transformation? What criteria do you use to identify vendors? Do you truly understand your internal costs?"
There are legal and regulatory questions to consider in offshore outsourcing as well, Greenberg adds, citing the financial reporting requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and the medical and insurance reporting requirements for HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).

Oftentimes, the best course of action is to stay at home.

"Companies also must realize that ultimately the vast majority of outsourcing is done cost efficiently in the U.S. and that offshore outsourcing is not for everyone," Greenberg says. -Abennett,


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