Things to keep in mind when selecting an outsource IT partner


The implementation process should be standardised and clearly defined from the beginning. This forms part of the ‘value-add’ consulting service that an outsource IT partner should provide. In fact, advising the client of what must be standardised, implementation Best Practices and the benefits thereof, is often regarded as a critical mini-project. As different industries have different Best Practice standards, it is important for your outsourced IT Company to have a broad knowledge base from which to work. Best Practice is not a one size fits all solution, and service delivery must be tailored to suit the needs of the client and their industry.

Take a look at your current contract from the outsourced IT company and compare your expectations with what is being delivered. Are the services really meeting the end results you were trying to achieve by choosing to outsource your IT service? Many find themselves dissatisfied with the outsourced IT service they are getting but choose to just live with it. When you find yourself in this position you need to meet with your outsourced IT provider and determine if it can adapt and deliver the service you really need. If not, find an outsource IT company that can.


Your outsourced IT partner should include a Service Delivery Manager to monitor the service delivery of the outsourced IT project as well as the quality thereof. This role or resource is mutually beneficial, as the outsourced It company can feed this information into its CRM system and, from the customer’s point of view, grievances can be raised and escalated during implementation so they can be quickly and painlessly dealt with.

    A good outsource IT partner will conduct Service-Surveys with the customer on a regular basis to establish service levels and customer satisfaction. This allows the outsourced IT partner to monitor and improve their service and be aware of future project requirements.

  • How do you compare the services being delivered by the outsourced IT company against the services defined in your contract?  High-quality outsourced IT partners deliver their services through IT service management (ITSM) tools that connect agreed upon service-level agreements (SLAs) to actual service delivery. If you find that your current outsourced IT provider is not meeting its SLAs it is time to dig in and uncover the underlying problem.  Processes and communication are the foundation for outsource IT success. If you feel this foundation is missing from your current outsource IT provider it is time to re-evaluate who is performing your services.

    Your team often knows how well the relationship with your partner that you chose for the outsource of IT is, or is not, working. Get them to provide honest, critical feedback to help determine whether you’re working with the right outsourced IT partner or whether you need a new one.

Of the main reasons to outsource IT in the first place is to reduce costs and get a clear return on your investment. Is your current outsourced IT partner enabling your team to invest time in projects that provide clear value – and support revenue – for your organization.


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