Why Choose the Indian sub-continent as an Outsourcing Desitination?

A study conducted by Boston consulting group indicates that the number of jobs in India due to outsourcing is about to touch 30 million by 2020 and with more and more companies and entrepreneurs setting up BPO operations in India that estimate seems to be quite a reality.
Why India?

Largest Technical/Professional Talent Pool in the World:

With a collective population of over one billion people and in excess of 3.1 million graduates per year, the Indian sub-continent has the largest pool of technical skills in the world. With such a skilled workforce it is easy for outsourcing companies to find the talented employees they require at affordable rates.

“The attraction of India for us was not only numbers but, more importantly, the quality of the talent. We've taken on people who are innovative and creative and can really contribute to the business.” Tom Hyde, STI Upstream business manager, Shell.

India the worlds largest English Speaking Nation:

With over 350 million people speaking English, the Indian sub-continent is the world’s largest English speaking region. India has more English speakers than the US and UK combined.

This is one of the key aspects as to why India is the world’s number one outsourcing destination.

Outsourcing Statistics/Figures don ’t lie

India alone commands 65% of the world’s BPO offshore outsourcing market. For one country to alone hold such a significant share of the outsourcing market is certainly a reflection of India’s dominance in this industry.

Furthermore, 80% of US and European outsourcing firms ranked India as their number one outsourcing destination.

Infrastructure, technology and communication links

India has excellent international data communication links and internet access in major cities. With the Indian economy rapidly growing, the Indian government has invested heavily in infrastructure, technology and communication links. With significant support from the government, India has been able to build high-tech areas where technology and infrastructure are of international standards.

Global Confidence

When companies such as Cisco, Oracle or Hewlett Packard outsource to India they do so because they are confident they will have access to talent, quality results, fast turn around times and low costs. That so many multi-billion dollar companies outsource to India is yet further evidence that India is renowned around the world as the outsourcing hub of the world.

“We believe that India is the hub of the world where the ICT sector is concerned,” said Mr Elfrink, (Cisco Systems) following a $1.1 billion outsourcing investment in India.


Not just Low cost but also High Quality:

Cost reduction was only part of the reason that companies were considering offshore outsourcing, there were benefits to be had in time-to-market and quality, leading to an adage that companies initially chose India to save costs but stayed for the speed and quality!” (National Outsourcing Association (NOA)).

India to become the first developed nation by using brain power alone?

India had a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth rate of 9% for the fiscal year of 2007-2008. If India can maintain this rate of growth (which it has done for the past several years), India will be the first developing nation that used its brainpower, not natural resources or the raw muscle of factory labor, as the catalyst. This is a tribute and reflection of India’s huge educated talent pool and thus why companies choose India when outsourcing.
Today Indian outsourcing is one of the best ways for businesses to cut application development and maintenance costs.
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Quantity of work

The time, money and effort required to set up offices abroad makes outsourcing small quantities of work not cost effective and unrealistic. Staff India lets you use our outsourcing infrastructure so you don't have to put in place your own, thereby making the outsourcing of even small quantities of work possible. With Staff India outsourcing even small quantities of work is now made possible and cost-effective because we pass onto you the cost benefits from our offices economies of scale.


India - Worlds Largest English Speaking Nation

With over 350 million people speaking English, the Indian sub-continent is the world’s largest English speaking region. India has more English speakers than the US and UK combined.