Help Desk Outsourcing can reduce your costs by 70%

How does reducing your Help Desk running costs by 70% sound?

Great customer service is essential for all businesses of all sizes. Whilst the sole trader is able to attend to his/her customers personally, as a business gets larger it gets harder and expensive to maintain great customer service.

Often, businesses grow without a realistic budget for the customer service department, eventually leading to a deterioration in customer satisfaction, which can lead to a number of customers going elsewhere.


Help Desk Outsourcing is the solution. Flexible and Affordable

Our Help Desk outsourcing solution is an excellent cost effective solution for businesses for all sizes. You essentially hire virtual employees on a monthly salary of only £339, and that is the net cost to you. You can choose how many outsourced virtual employees you need in your help desk team and we will set this up for you within 2 weeks (or according to you given deadline).


So how does it work technically?

Getting your outsourced Help Desk up and running is very simple. We do most of the leg work on our side and advise you on a few simple adjustments you need to make on your side and that is it.

You most likely have an existing help line for your customers. We will arrange an exclusive local number for you to forward / redirect all your help line calls to. This will be a dedicated line or you that only your virtual help desk team can access. It is as simple as that.

You will certainly want to train your outsourced virtual employees prior to engaging them on real live customer calls, we will advise you on the best methods to do this from the comfort of your office via video conference etc. You most probably would also want to give each member of your virtual help desk team a troubleshooting manual that acts a reference point when dealing with customer queries.




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