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Why you need lots of Social Media Employees

In an ideal world every enterpreneur would employee hundreds and hundreds of people to support their wonderful business idea and make it grow. Arguably a company's biggest asset are their employee, as it is these people who make things happen.


Social media marketing doesn't happen by itself. You need real people to work on accounts and profiles to interact with other people all around the world, bulding relationship that eventually result in a product being sold.

Naturally there is so much one person can do. On Facebook for example you could probably realistically keep up with 200 friends and and 50 odd groups, replying to emails, communicating with each person on a rotated regular basis. But having 200 people as your audience is not quite enough. Its a numbers game the more you have following you or your product the more business you potentially have.


So how do you tackle this Social Media problem?

Trivial question with a trivial answer, have more people working to promote your product on social media. But it is expensive to hire people to work for you on just social media, which at first sight looks like socialising and playing games, but eventually pays off.

An additional problem is the work is so monotonous it gets boring. How do you keep your people motivated? even if you could afford to pay 5 people £1000 salary per month. The solution is to outsource such simple structured monotonous work to companies around the indian sub continent. Thousands of companies are doing it already.


Outsource Social Media Employees from Staff India

It simple, our people are from India. They don't have the luxury of high salaries like in the US, EU etc. A monotonous job as socialising on facebook to create audience is motivating enough given the good remuneration packages we pay our employees. But relative to you, the salaries are tiny.


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