A Help desk Survey Finding


Following are some important issues to consider when designing and conducting IT Help desk surveys:

1. Asking the right questions and knowing how to effectively word the questions.
2. Making the survey responses anonymous. IT Help desk customers are more likely to respond to an IT survey and to provide honest answers when an outside company conducts the survey and they are comfortable that their responses will be anonymous.
3. Having IT Help desk customers identify their department, site location and other pertinent demographic information, and generating survey reports for each demographic criterion.

4. Providing the opportunity to include comments and suggestions along with ratings.
5. Promoting participation in the survey.
6. Sharing the survey results with IT Help desk staff and with IT Help desk customers.
7. Taking action based on the survey results.
8. Conducting the survey periodically (e.g. annually, semi-annually or quarterly) and tracking progress in IT


Help desk customer satisfaction and service levels, and IT Help desk performance.


Taking action to increase IT Help desk Customer satisfaction and IT Help desk performance

Some of the actions that CTOs, CIOs, IT Help desk managers and other IT managers can take to increase Help desk service levels and customer satisfaction include:

1. Providing training and mentoring for IT Help desk CSRs in how to handle customer calls, problem handling and resolution, acting professionally, technology knowledge, IT customer follow-up and other pertinent issues.
2. Identifying and managing IT Help desk customer expectations for service.
3. Establishing and communicating SLAs (service level agreements or standards) to Help desk CSRs and IT Help desk customers.

4. Ensuring that Help desk CSR hiring practices are effective in hiring the right people to staff the IT Help desk.
5. Staffing and scheduling the Help desk to provide consistently high levels of customer service based on IT customer demand for service.
6. Identifying and eliminating recurring technology problems.
7. Streamlining the IT environment.
8. Providing effective IT Desk Side and Application support.
9. Having an effective IT Help desk ticket tracking system, managing ticket ageing to keep the backlog minimal, and ensuring that tickets are not closed prematurely, before problems are resolved completely and effectively.

  • 10. Sharing the survey results with IT Help desk staff and other IT employees, enabling them to understand how IT customers perceive the effectiveness of IT Help desk and other IT functions.
    11. Creating an action plan to address the issues and opportunities identified by the IT survey and tracking implementation of actions/changes made to increase IT customer satisfaction and service levels.

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