Benefits of IT Help desk Surveys


In a well designed IT survey, IT customers indicate their satisfaction level with the in-house or outsourced IT Help desk and with the other IT support services including Desk Side Support, Application Support, Network Support and any other IT services. IT customers also include comments and suggestions related to the specific issues included in the survey questions.

The IT survey should include questions about IT CSR knowledge, problem handling and resolution effectiveness, CSR courtesy and professionalism, timeliness in actually contacting the Help desk, timeliness in getting problems resolved, ability of Help desk CSRs to understand the customer’s problem, follow-up by CSRs and other pertinent questions.

To achieve the best results, IT survey responses should be anonymous. IT customers are more likely to respond to IT surveys and to provide honest feedback when they know their responses are anonymous, eliminating any chance of retribution from IT staff if negative ratings and comments are given.

Conducting IT Help desk and other IT customer satisfaction surveys / IT user satisfaction surveys is well worth the effort. When designed and executed well, with effective analysis of the survey data and timely action taken on opportunities, IT survey benefits include:

  • 1. Significant increases in IT Help desk customer satisfaction
    2. Significant increases in IT Help desk service levels
    3. Improvements in performance of the IT Help desk and other IT functions
    4. Possible reductions in the cost of delivering Help desk and other IT services as they become more efficient and recurring problems are significantly reduced or eliminated
    5. Increased service levels for your company’s/organization’s external customers as employees are able to perform their job more effectively as a result of improved IT Help desk performance
    6. Reduced pressure on CTOs, CIOs, IT Help desk and other IT managers as IT customer satisfaction increases

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