Five Traits of a Good Help desk Service


Over the last few years, IT help desks have grown in leaps and bounds. When computers began to be more common in the workplace, IT help desks had a very small staff, sometimes made up of a single individual, who fielded calls and answered IT questions. As more and more people used computers or laptops every single day as part of their jobs, these staffs grew into full-fledge companies that have a single purpose: to help you solve any and all of your IT problems.

There are 5 traits that, in my opinion, all good IT help desks must have.

1. The most obvious, of course, is knowledge. An IT help desk can employ hundreds of people to field your calls, but if none of those people know what they're doing they won't be much help to you. A knowledgeable staff is the first thing you should look for in an IT help desk.

2. Availability is another major concern when it comes to IT help desks. Computer malfunctions can occur day and night, and if your IT help desk is only available during specific hours you may lose time and money simply waiting around for someone to be able to take your call. Make sure your IT help desk is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

3. You will also want to pick an IT help desk that has local access to your business or home. If you experience difficulties that require hands-on repair, it won't do much good if your IT help desk is located overseas.

4. Finally, it is extremely important for your IT help desk to not only possess the knowledge to accurately assess your problem, but also to help you identify potential threats to your system and steer clear of them. A proactive IT help desk is a priceless commodity for business owners and personal computer users alike.

5. Having a computer that is not able to perform a basic function or that you fear may have contracted a virus is stressful No one wants to call the person hired to help them only to get a grumpy or distracted response. A good IT help desk staff will be cordial, understanding and calm. They will be able to simply and without judgment troubleshoot an issue.

The benefits of having a good IT help desk are many. An improvement in productivity is the most obvious; business owners find that system users will work faster and more efficiently if they have the proper tools at their disposal. IT help desks will often go above and beyond and train users to identify and deal with certain problems themselves, saving them hours of time and saving your company money. They can also help save money if they are tasked with looking at the long-term picture and provide help with disaster recovery plans or network security protection.

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