Reasons to outsource IT to India


India has a stable pro - IT government whose policies, economy, GDP growth, taxation, power, telecom, industrial parks & special zones have been helpful in improving the infrastructure as well as communication. The government proves to be a great support for software firms by further providing all the basic facilities required for an outsourcing company to flourish thus playing a major role in contributing to the success and well-being of choosing to outsource IT to India.

India uses the latest in software, technology and infrastructure to provide global customers with high-quality outsourcing solutions. India has proved that it is technically superior when compared to other countries that provide outsource IT solutions. So, when you outsource IT to India, you can be assured that the best technology and software would be used for your services. India has the largest English-speaking audience after the U.S. India also has a highly educated manpower that is talented, educated, experienced, technically-skilled and computer literate. Outsource IT to India and be assured of high-quality services.

The time zone advantages between India and countries in the U.S and U.K has proved to be another important factor why companies outsource IT to India. Organizations who wish to provide their customer with 24x7x365 days customer support or helpdesk services can outsource IT to India.


India has celebrated more than 60 years of democracy and has one of the world’s most stable governments. Building up the IT sector has been a top priority for the Indian government. India has a ministry of information technology that quickly approves the implementation of outsource IT projects and streamlines regulatory processes. The Indian government has even released a bill termed as the “IT act 2000” India has been rated to have the most excellent investment potential in the coming years.

    The Indian government has given complete support to the IT and ITES industry in India allowing it to outsource IT to the best of its ability. With ample support from the government, Indians have been able to build high-tech IT parks which has the best in technology and infrastructure. The Indian government has even permitted 100% foreign equity. India’s fast growing economy has been yet another reason why companies choose to outsource IT to India.

  • Cost-effective services are one of the primary advantages that India offers, but it is not the only advantage of outsource of IT to India. Choosing to outsource to India can give you access to professional and skilled outsourced IT solutions within a fast turnaround time. By choosing to outsource IT to India, your organization can concentrate on core business activities and save on time, effort, manpower and infrastructure. More than 20 Indian software companies have achieved the prestigious SEI-CMM level. India also has the highest number of ISO-9000 software organizations. Outsource IT to India and give your organization a competitive advantage.

India has been the most preferred choice among global organization when it comes to the outsource of IT. In the U.S alone, more than 80% have ranked India as their first choice, when outsource IT and software services. The U.S has also recognized India as an outsourcing superpower. The number of organizations outsourcing services to India has only been increasing over the years. This is reason enough to outsource IT to India.


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