The choice to outsource IT


Outsource of IT makes sense for non-core processes of a society that can easily be given away, yet controlled and monitored in an efficient manner. Outsource IT core processes of an organization depends heavily not necessarily significant. It can also be valuable for a thorough cost-benefit analysis of the processes, payroll outsourcing, in which the right knowledge and skills are currently available in-house. Especially when existing resources are not used in another function for the organization as a whole to increase efficiencies. For an outsourced IT project, it is essential that all parties to communicate their needs and requirements at any time.

Outsource IT is not to leave the task to transmit, process or business function to a third party and then leave it for eternity without a follow-up interaction. The choice to outsource IT should mean, interaction and communication between all parties at all times, both during the planning and setting the stage, or if it is an interaction in the course is to Going Live.


Speaking of the choice of outsource IT, I mean a broader sense than just the recruitment of workers from abroad to work at a distance.

    I can score four types here:
    1. Outsourcing same. An American or Western European companies (we call it the "West") assumes a worker from Eastern Europe, Asia, etc, that comes from a country with poor economy (call it the "East", although not is exactly correct). This person leads the distance of the work for a company by company West.


    2. A company rents from the west of the East, all content will work for an employer and giving the finished product. In this case, an employer appears for a very reseller.

  • 3. Not outsourcing, but you can outsource IT in context. A company from the west has ordered a product or service to a company from the East for private use, which is much cheaper than a similar product / service by a company from West.

  • 4. Choosing not to outsource IT in general. An employee runs from east to west and is working on a company. However we are not interested now in the fourth type. The issue of outsourcing has prompted many discussions.

On the one hand – those immediately around and run, on the other side – especially in the West, are moved by the work of specialists from the East. And is the only major drawback is the outsource IT. Surely, for people who lose their jobs because of foreigners, this disadvantage is very important, but we note that there are only 340,000 U.S. jobs for programmers. Programmers from the west are two ways out: their professionalism at the level of authority that could not compete with them or move to Texas and what outsourcers for IT. So this disadvantage can improve the contrast? There are a number of advantages. The most obvious of these is the difference between personnel costs in western countries and the so-called Third World.

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