The basics of SEO friendly design and development


Search engines optimizations are limited in how they crawl the web and interpret content to retrieve and display in the results. In this section of the guide, we’ll focus on the specific technical aspects of building (or modifying) web pages so they’re optimally structured for search engines and human visitors. This is an excellent part of the guide to share with your programmers, information architects, and designers, so that all parties involved in a site’s construction can plan and develop a search-engine friendly site.


In order to be listed in the search engines, your content – the material available to visitors of your site – must be in HTML text format. Images, Flash files, Java applets, and other non-text content are virtually invisible to search engine spiders, despite advances in crawling technology. The easiest way to ensure that the words and phrases you display to your visitors are visible to search engines is to place it in the HTML text on the page. However, more advanced methods are available for those who demand greater formatting or visual display styles:

Search Engine Optimisation is now an integral part of web development and web design. Search Engine Optimisation web design means taking care of SEO perspective right from the start of web designing & Web Development phase.


Why we need Search Engine Optimisationfriendly web designing & why SEO during web designing?

We are affordable Search Engine Optimisation service providers from last many years. And from our experience we can say that most of the websites on which we perform SEO are after the web development done and sometime long after website is developed. And we know the difficult faced by us and client both to update website, its content, meta, keywords and all on page Optimisation factors.

Search Engine Optimisation is all about optimized content, optimized Code, optimized image, optimized link, appropriate selection and placement of keywords and link building. Among these all we can optimize many SEO objectives during web designing. And By creating SEO friendly web design search engine rankings can improve a lot faster.

What are main features of SEO website design?

Search Engine Optimisation friendly web design means our SEO experts will guide you right from the cutting of PSD file. Factors like how many images we should craft or how many section we should have in website once it is developed. We will optimize all html code during web design creation or we can guide your experts for creating SEO friendly web designs. All on page Optimisation can finish during the phase of SEO friendly web design creation. Which can ultimately helps a lot to get better search engine rankings.
  • So Search Engine Optimisationfriendly web design includes image optimization, keyword optimization, html code optimization, content optimization, link structure optimization, sitemap creation. If you try to do this SEO after your all website then it can cost you a lot. And also it can be very late if your competitor builds SEO friendly website right from the start.


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