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The growing worldwide use and popularity of Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and other social networking sites has resulted in the birth of Social Media Marketing: a means of using the potential of this networking phenomenon to advertise and promote competitions, new offers, or even just a company’s brand itself.

Now an essential component for any internet marketing campaign, the inclusion of Social Media Marketing in your company’s advertising strategy will afford numerous benefits, including:


  • More authority for your website,
  • Insight into the opinions or ideas of your target market,
  • Inbound links for SEO benefit,
  • Increased awareness of your brand,
  • The ability to monitor brand reputation,
  • Improved sales,
  • Improved customer service, and
  • The means to educate and inform your customers.

If you are considering launching a social media campaign, you will need to consult an expert social media agency which has the necessary tools and resources to give your company website and overall brand all of these key benefits.


SEO operates as a multi-purpose SEO and social media company, and employ experts in the social media marketing industry who can create tailored and multifaceted social media campaigns to suit the diverse requirements of each of our clients.

In terms of what these experts will actually do for you, you will receive the fully-optimised set-up of profiles on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin, in conjunction with an additional 100 profiles on other social media sites. Our social media company will also link your website’s blog to your Facebook page and Twitter feed so that any new blog posts can be seen from these outlets; encouraging visits to your site.

Reporting the Performance of your Social Media Campaign

To measure and evaluate the success of your social media campaign, the skilled specialists in our social media agency will use a range of different techniques.

This includes comprehensive reviews of all traffic that comes through to your website, so that we can measure how contributory the set-up of the new social networking profiles has been in terms of generating more site visits.

Our social media company experts will also monitor the amount of unique visitors coming to your website, to identify potential areas for optimisation.

Other areas of reporting includes the amount of conversions delivered through the website from the social networking sites, as well as tracking the amount of referring websites which are directing traffic to your site, the average amount of time spent on your site, how many branded searches are made, and any micro-conversions.

If you are looking for tangible results from a social media agency, consider how SEO Consult can contribute to your brand’s online success.


The last couple of years have brought upon an entourage of social networking sites, including bookmarking and "voting" sites. This newer breed of social marketing has helped to build many company's brand and name recognition, site traffic, and backlinks. Each social marketing campaign we manage is unique and geared individually for each client's website.

  • Social Media Sites We Use

  • Digg
    • Reddit
    • Twitter
    • Facebook


    Viral Marketing Services We Provide

    Our viral marketing services help you to create more buzz for your web site within SEO guidelines, products, or brand. Our team of creative writers and researchers utilize archived data on viral campaigns that have achieved success in the past and we work with each client to focus on timely and creative content that gets noticed.

  • We'll will brainstorm every possible content angle and discuss with the client which would be most beneficial and successful on viral sites and create the content with creative images included (fantastic image illustrations typically mean a much better viral success).


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